Blue Running is full feature length
action thriller with a twist.


Blue Running is full feature length action thriller with a twist.

Highlighting the professional sailboat racing scene, the story follows Sonny Deidrich as he attempts to gain back his father’s sailboat and find out who killed him. Discovering that his father's old boat was impounded after his father was murdered has just gone up for auction, Sonny has 48 hours toget to the docks and make the bid.
The only problem is his new boss, Luke Salvatore, has other plans for Sonny and the money Sonny is going to use to buy the boat. Taking Sonny out for a night on the town, Sonny is introduced to Luke’s mob boss, Uncle Manny and his son Zeferino Calabrese. Once Luke learns about the amount of money Sonny is withdrawing from the bank, he sets up a side deal to purchase pure cocaine from a Cuban drug lord. The deal goes south and Sonny is left holding the bag when Zef is killed and blamed for his death.
Sonny falls for undercover FBI agent Julia Cardone who has been after the Calabrese Family for a long time, and is using Sonny to get to the bunch of ruthless gangsters. The plot thickens when Julia explains to Sonny the Calabrese’s may have something to do with his Dad’s murder. Vincent is called in to remove Sonny at ALL costs. He does not anticipate dealing with Julia being a mixed Martial Arts and Kung Fu artist.


Aginelo Enterprises, LLC, is a film company based in San Diego, CA, creating exciting film scripts for production opportunity. Founder Angelo Lobo; the creative nucleus and CEO of the company started in movies and television as a background actor in 2006. Parlaying Aginelo into film and video production, Lobo created a mobile video service, working with Aginelo clients in variety of capacities including video shooting, editing, scriptwriting, pre and post-production
Moving into independent film making, Lobo, worked with Director James Hergott on All That I Need, which was well-received at the Cannes Film Festival. Lobo then wrote and directed a full-length documentary film entitled Romeo Miss a Payment (2013). This documentary was screened at the Prince Charles Theater in London and screened at several other theaters in the United States.
Lobo’s passion for film now brings him to produce and direct the full feature film Blue Running.


Aginelo Enterprises has invested a substantial amount of money into getting this film underway. While we have several items in place to begin the work such as SEC licensing to solicit funding, preliminary locations, equipment and consultants who are aligning with the project. In July, we are scheduled to attend a fundraising event in the UK to solicit larger funding for principal filming.
We have assembled our administrative and marketing team and begun to pitch the project to various production personnel, A-list actors and consultants. The producers have assembled the budget, financing plans, and pitch documents and are actively seeking pre-production financing.

Our pre-production expenses includes ongoing administrative/office support, travel, consultant fees, purchasing licenses, insurance and other expenses pertinent to this phase. This round of fundraising will support various aspects of pre-production as noted herein. Your support will allow us to gain those resources required in this phase of production.

This phase of pre-production has a cumulative total of $700,000.

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For accredited non-accredited investors of $5,000 or more and to receive an Executive Summary please contact Angelo Lobo at

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