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Angelo Lobo – Writer/Producer/Director

While leading JaniExpress, he pursued his passion for the entertainment industry by working as a background actor. He subsequently expanded his repertoire by securing management / agent representation for several student films (all which won festival awards) and then vaulted into the realm of television acting (The Bold and the Beautiful, Young and the Restless, Passions). His initial acting endeavors led to his first role cast in the theatrical film All That I Need (Imperia Entertainment, 2005). It was during this experience and working under Producer / Director James Hergott that he first realized his dream and passion was to create films of meaning and substance for the theatrical market.
Throughout his film career, Angelo has benefited from the tutelage of several well-respected industry experts including: Nanci Washburn, a casting agent / director with over 30 years of experience; Sam Warren, C.S.A, one of the most highly regarded casting directors outside Los Angeles; and William Cowart, an actor since 1971. With years of television, film and general business success under his belt, Angelo made his directorial and producer debut with Romeo Misses a Payment.This feature-length documentary explored and uncovered the inherent flaws in the American family courts and divorce and child support system in an unrelentingly fearless manner never before done on film. Angelo is currently working on a feature film titled Blue Running.

Title changed from MAN IN BLUE©

Blue Running

An honest man has one bad day when the FBI wants to arrest him and the Mafia wants him dead. Sonny Diedrich finds out his Dads old sailboat just went up for auction. Now he has 48 hours to get to the docks and make the bid. The only problem is his new boss; Luke Salvatore has other plans with Sonny’s money. Luke decides to take Sonny for a night on the town. Only the night gets worse when Sonny is introduced to Luke’s mob boss Uncle Manny. Its even more trouble when the girl Sonny falls for is an undercover FBI agent only using him to get the whole bunch of ruthless gangsters.




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