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Social media replaces nothing, but compliments everything.
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About the Film
Blue Running is full feature length action thriller with a twist. Highlighting the professional sailboat racing scene, the story follows Sonny Deidrich as he attempts to gain back his father’s sailboat and find out who killed him.Discovering that hisfather’s oldboat was impounded after his father was murdered has just gone upfor auction, Sonnyhas48hourstoget tothe docksandmake thebid. Theonlyproblemishisnewboss,LukeSalvatore,hasotherplans for Sonny and the money Sonny is going to use to buy the boat. Taking Sonny out fora night onthetown, Sonnyisintroduced toLuke’smobboss,UncleManny and his son Zeferino Calabrese. Once Luke learns about the amount of money Sonny is withdrawing from the bank, he sets up a side deal to purchase pure cocaine from a Cuban drug lord.The deal goes south and Sonny is left holding the bag when Zef is killed and blamed for his death. Sonnyfallsforundercover FBIagent Julia Cardone who has been after the Calabrese Family for a long time, and is using Sonnyto getto the bunchof ruthlessgangsters. The plot thickens when Julia explains to Sonny the Calabrese’s may have something to do with his Dad’s murder. Vincent is called in to remove Sonny at ALL costs. He does not anticipate dealing with Julia being a mixed Martial Arts and Kung Fu artist.
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We make sure that you will have full contents and photos like demo pages when you import Moody.
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Moody is designed suitably to be used through self-shelf host.


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